April, 2015

5 Common things in new Flagships Smartphones

The battle of Flagship Smartphones has gone beyond expectations. It has become harder to choose a smartphone. However all these smartphones have a few features that are common. These are features that every manufacturer is trying to improve in order to beat competitors.

We look at all these key common features on this article:
Camera & Picture quality
Pictures and videos have become a huge part our lives. Photography is more than just images but it’s a language. You know the phrase a picture says a thousand words. With social media like Instagram, Pinterest , Vine and more we use pictures and videos to tell stories and share moments. This is why every manufacture will emphasize on how special their camera is. The likes of Microsoft/Nokia fitted a 41 Megapixel Camera on some of their LUMIA range. This shows how serious the Camera competition is. But sometimes more pixels don’t necessarily mean better image quality. The likes of HTC use a lower pixel camera but their pixels are not ordinary pixels, they are actually Ultra pixel which means the camera will take higher quality images despite the pixels being lower. Apple also does the same, you look at the iPhone6 it has lower pixels but the phone is fitted with a special lens which makes it compete with rivals.
Screen Size
Screen size is another common war ground to the manufacturers. We have seen Apple changing their mind after a longer period about resisting to join the bigger screen battle. Apple released 2 big screen phones iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 plus to try and close the gap. They were left with no choice but to start manufacturing big screen phones.
Power of the phone is still important. If you watched closely you will see the likes Sony, Samsung & LG have joined Apple in 64Bit architecture processors. This is a sign that in future our phones will require such powerful processers to perform tasks.
Storage matters, the fact that flagships come with bigger cameras simply mean that more storage is needed to store bigger images and HD videos.
It is no question that Phone Juice is very important, most flagships come with improved battery life and this is another factor used in determining which phone is better. Samsung brought the Galaxy S6 with wireless charging tech and the ability to charge the phone to full capacity in 10 minutes in realisation of how much consumer’s value battery life.

With so much common features on Flagship smartphones, you are guaranteed to have the best from your favourite mobile brand. This is all because each brand is trying so hard in all those departments to try and sell more smartphones.

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