May, 2015

Why Google's Project Jacquard will succeed and why you should care

Google is forever innovative and working on many projects. I wrote this article during the Google I/O 2015. I selected one of the most Interesting projects presented by Google in the event, Project Jacquard. Firstly what is Project Jacquard? Well I will try to define it as simple as possible. Project Jacquard is a technology that transforms your clothes into wearables which offer new possibilities for interacting with services, devices, and environments. What they do here is embed what they call Jacquard touch sensing textile into your clothes so you can be able to perform some motion gestures on your clothes like you would on your X-Box Kinect and Smart TVs. The Jacquard touch sensing textile is so thin and it is made of silk wool which is why it fits perfectly on your clothes.

In the article we will look into why you should be excited about Project Jacquard and why I think it will make it big in the industry:
Fashion as we know it to be
Unlike other wearables like smart watches and glasses, it won't change fashion the way we know it. Clothes will look normal and designed normally by fashion designers; the slight difference will be that the clothes will contain sensors on selected areas.
Opened to new partners
Google are always opened to new partners joining Project Jacquard. Google travelled around the world to learn about the textile industry, making new friends and partners in the industry.
Opened to the public
The public can have input and follow as the project unfold and grow. Yes the public includes you. You can go sign up to receive updates on the project.
Developers Involved
To add on the point above, Developers will be able to develop apps that will turn this new interesting platform of wearables. They will also be able to connect existing apps and services to Jacquard-enabled clothes and create new features specifically for the platform.
To add on to the first point, Tailors can design using this special textile the way they know how to. The material looks and feels like a normal fabric. Google know their expertise lies in engineering and tech so they manufactured the garment in a way that will allow tailors who are experts to design clothes.
Getting Levis into the project is probably the best move by Google. We know how big Levis is in the fashion industry. Google and Levis and leaders in their respective industries, what a perfect match.

I strongly believe that this project will be a success and will change the way we look at wearables. You can read more about Project Jacquard here.

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