May, 2015

Power Management Tricks

Have you seen Samsung's adverts about 10 minute charge 4 hour battery life? If you have I believe you thought to yourself that is cool. That is because Power on devices is a big problem. Hence on an article I published previously about common things on flagship smartphones one of them was Power. All manufactures are trying to address this issue. Now there are a lot of vendors selling power banks due to this issue. Before we get to a point where all batteries are decent and last at least a day the best thing you can do for now is learn how to manage your battery power.

I will share with you a few tricks and hacks to managing your battery life:
Stop unused features (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPs, Location)
Our smartphones have a lot of features and we don't often use all of them at all times. Switch on features only when you need them. Features such as GPS location and WiFi can suck you battery if you leave them on at all times.
Phone power options
Most mobile operating systems come with an option to play around with your power usage. Other smartphones come with options such as Stamina mode which can extend battery life. Low-battery mode is also good when your battery is already low, on this mode most function will be off.
Leave your brightness option on auto. This will allows your phone to adjust the brightness automatically to a certain level depending on your environment. In my case I use full brightness mode when watching movies/videos. For all other activities I use normal brightness or lower.
Battery usage
Operating systems like Android allows you to view your battery usage. You get to see which App utilises more battery and you can make your adjustments. On my battery Usage list WiFi always tops the charts followed by OS and then Voice calls.

There are a lot of battery saving tricks but not all of them will work for all people. This is because you have to sacrifice certain features on your devices in order for your battery to last longer. You have to decide which of the features you can sacrifice.

Thank you for reading!
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