April, 2015

How to put together a good presentation

On the previous set of articles I published an article about How you can nail your presentation which focuses on how to improve the way you present. On this article we look at how you can put together a good presentation. Your slides, (mostly in PowerPoint), visuals or any other material you use on your presentation will count. I have watched over 100 great presentations on tech conferences like TED or Google I/O and most of the speakers use material to demonstrate and emphasize their points. The idea of using material on a presentation is a good one as it enhances your presentation.

If you can follow the tips below you will surely improve your presentations:
Fonts & Colours
Take time in designing your slides. Select one good and clear font which you can use throughout your presentation. You might need a font that comes with Italic, regular and bold. The bold one will be for headings and subheadings. Select a good color combination and keep the pattern in all slides.
Cycles and graphs
Add cycles and graphs on your slides to show stats and better explain why your presentation focuses on a specific subject. You can also use cycles to show progress and keep track of your slides. Slide numbers and slide titles are some of the examples.
On your slides add some icons, text only can be boring. It can be slide tracking icons like what I mentioned on the previous point.
Mini Video
Add a 30 seconds to 5 min video clip in between your talking or slides. This will make your audience find the presentation interesting. By adding a video you are also minimising the amount of talking you will have to do.
If you have already prepared the questions you will discuss with the audience, you can create a slide for them. As you discuss a specific question you can highlight it.
Bring the product
Be more practical. If you are presenting about a product you might want to bring it on stage. The Audience wants to see what you are talking about if it's something tangible.

To master the art of putting together presentations you need to learn from the best. Constantly seek to improve your presentation by looking at how professional do their presentations. Look at the launch of great products such as smartphones and cars. Look at the presentations, the artwork and videos. That's what you need on your presentation.

Thank you for reading!
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