March, 2015

This is how 3D printing will impact your life

I started writing this article during the CES 2015. It was an Interesting conference with a lot of innovations and technologies. I then decided to select one technology that was really going to improve people's lives. This was challenging due to the fact that the innovations were many and most of them very interesting. After a long thinking, I selected 3D printing. You have probably heard of 3D printing but never understood why it's trending. In this article you will get all the answers.

I read about 3D printing a few times, seen it on TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and last year was able to see it live for the first time at the rAge Expo. But still I did not see the big deal in 3D printing until CES 2015.

Here is a list of 5 ways 3D printing will impact your life:
Designing clothes will become much cheaper and you can do it at home. If you are a designer your options will grow and you can increase your market. If you like customised clothing this may play a major role in your life too. With 3D printing you will be able to design and print your own jewellery at home.
Few years back I read an article suggesting that in the next decade we will be eating more artificial meat. Right after that I read another article about astronauts eating 3D printed food in space. And recently at the CES we saw 3D printed candy and chocolate. 3D Food printing may also solve health issues. My prediction is that a patient will be able to receive a script from a dietician that will tell the 3D printer to print specific food at a scheduled time when you run it. This will make it easy for the patient to follow their diet.
Car parts
This was the first real value I've noticed about 3D printing, being able to print your own car parts from home. Car parts can be expensive, 3D printing could be the solution here.
You may have seen at the CES 2015 a band with 3D printed music instruments. The deal here is that you will soon be able to design and print your own customised music instruments. Starting a garage band won't be hard any more.
The possibility of manufacturing your own products from home will be increased. From tailors, mechanics or auto technicians. You will be able to grow your business by manufacturing some of your parts from your workshop.

This is a list of the valuable things I have picked up about 3D printing. You can do further research to find out more.

Thank you for reading!
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