Feb, 2017

My favourite podcast now

What's good about the Internet these days is that it's easier to find useful content and content you like and sometimes the content you like finds you. There are many techniques used online by developers to attract you to certain content based mostly on content you browse the most. Most people may see this as evil or a way of selling stuff online but most of the time it will help you as content you like will find you. But that is technical stuff, on a more personal stuff we can talk about twitter or Instagram hashtags, by simple adding a hashtag on your post you will notice people (whom you are not even following) like the content as you start to follow you and like your posts. Long story short, this is how I got to discover Erik Kruger's BetterMan podcast. I'm after selfgrowth mental toughness content and because of that BetterMan was recommended to me.

So what is the BetterMan?
For the purpose of this articel I will define BetterMan as a self-development podcast. The podcast has great episodes which are very short in length. They are unique, short and get straight to the point. One other thing I like about the episodes is how practical the message is.

Erik Kruger (Founder of BetterMan) had done a great job on recording episodes with a fresh style and by making them short. This mean even with a busy schedule you can listen to one or two episodes daily. I know it says BetterMan on the title but what I've noticed is that the content and topics are covered in the podcast affect all genders. Both men and women need self-development to better themselves.

My favourite episode is an episode where he talks about resilience the episode is less than 3 minutes long but in it Erik tells a story with interpretation and how it can be applied in our lives. Just to give you a taste, Erik talks about how resilient we are as humans, how we are able to make a comeback in the most difficult of situations.

The BetterMan podcast has become my favourite podcast and I listen to it every day. Join in the journey of the BetterMan and enjoy the podcast episodes and other features such a daily email which the author Erik Kruger calls Strategic Warfare.

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