March, 2016

4 great websites for readers

If you are a reader then you will enjoy this article. If you are not a reader and planning to start reading, you will also enjoy this article. Reading is fun when you always read good stuff that keeps you engaged. This is why we constantly ask for books recommendations. It is because we are fascinated by new ideas. In this article we look at 4 great places where you can find recommendations for books.
Gates notes
Bill Gates the world's richest man loves reading and so should you. Imagine sharing the same book-shelve with him. That is the excitement I felt when I discovered this website. On his website bill notes he has a books tab where you can find books recommended by him and books he has read. He classified the books in Business, Education, Energy and more. So it should be easy for you to navigate and select what you like. You can sign up on the website and receive newsletters.
Tai Lopez
Tai Lopez is well know for his famous ted talk Why I read a book a day (and why you should too). If you haven't seen that ted talk video better do it now here . After watching that video I started following tai on youtube and I learned he has a website and in his website he does book reviews and recommendations. You can also find his book of the day vidoes on youtube.
I rate goodreads as the best network for readers and authors. At good reads you get to follow your favourite authors, create a profile and add lists of books you want to read, books you have read and books you are currently reading . To add on that you also get to rate books and see how other people rate books and what they are reading.
This is my addiction currently, I watch Inside Quest episodes every chance I get. Inside Quest is not necessarily for reading but its a show that investigates people who have achieved success and breaks down how they achieved it. Some of these people are great authors. This is why I listed it as a great website for readers. In the website you can find articles to read, episodes to watch and podcasts to listen to.

Selecting a book to read can be a trick sometimes. There is alot to read and you need good sources to point you into treasures of good reads. The above websites a those pointers.

Thank you for reading!
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