Feb, 2017

Why you should listen to podcasts daily?

On one of my previous posts I spoke about how to learn almost anything. I had a list of useful sites and tools that can help you with that. One of the readers comments was that I forgot to include podcasts on the list of tools. This made me realize I had forgotten a very powerful tool. That's how knew I had to write a whole article about podcasts and this is the article. In this article we look at why you should listen to more podcasts and perhaps make them part of your daily routine.

I give 3 reasons below:
Better than radio, in a way
Podcasts are better than radio if you think of the points I'm going to mention next. Don't get me wrong,radio is awesome. I listen to radio half the time while driving. Radio is very informative, news, traffic reports, music etc. Radio proved to be legit by staying relevant even after the Internet and TV joined the party. However, radio has commercials and its own schedules. Radio has its own playlist with mixed genres that you can't manage and which you might not always like. With podcasts you can choose the genre you want if you love music and use podcasts for music. I remember I used to listen to a lot of deep and soulful house music podcasts and I enjoyed that. If you love talk shows, then you have the power to listen to the topics you feel like listening at the time. With radio you are bound to listen to what they are talking about at that moment.
Manage your content
As a follow up on the point above, podcasts are a great place for music, talk shows, motivational shows and even religious content. If you love listening to teachings about anything from spiritual teachings to self-branding or motivations, you get them all on demand. All you need to do is subscribe on podcasts channels that interest you the most.
Great for learning
Back to the point i metioned on the intro of this article, podcasts are a great place for learning. You can find courses on anything you want to learn. This way of learning may be different from YouTube or any video tutorials. It might take some time to get used to but once you are used to it you will totally enjoy this way of learning. Perhaps you also need to select topics that don't really need visuals for a starter. Think of this way of learning like audiobooks vs. books or movies. The story is the same. It is up to you decide which one works best for you and for you to be able to decide you must experience them all.

My web management lecturer used to say "Content is king". With podcasts you get to control your content. The power is in your hands.

Thank you for reading!
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