March, 2015

5 trending Technologies that will not make it in 2015

There are multiple Technologies that we are excited about this year. The list is long, some of are here already and others are on the way. These are the technologies that are expected to be big this year. The truth is not all of them will be big. Some will be popular but won't necessarily cut it into the market:
Google Glass
Glass is here and no longer a concept but lack of Apps will delay and rob Glass some merits. The price may also have a negative impact on Glass. Even though Glass is a wearable technology It is hard to understand why a pair of glasses cost $1,500 (R26 000). One other thing we need to realise about Glass is that it is currently targeted more towards Developers, Testers and Institutions than Individuals.
64bit Mobile Processor
A month back I wrote a letter to one of the best Gadgets editors Stuff. My main concern was that every flagship phone seems to be shipped with 64 bit processor. I wanted to know if I should be worried about this because my phone does not have a processor that big. This is the reply i got "Hi Musa For the moment, you won't have to worry about your phone not having a 64-bit processor. The changeover to apps and services that use 64-bit is happening slowly and by the time that these apps become the standard, every phone will have one of these CPUs. Right now pretty much everyone with a 64-bit app has a 32-bit version available as well. Long story short, 64-bit processors will improve things in the long run, right now there's no reason to worry. ".
4K TV's
4K TV's are expensive. That's the main reason it won’t be big for another year. I have done an experiment by walking into random gadget stores and smart TVs are more popular than 4K TVs. People are still trying to adapt to smart TVs and they walk past 4K's like they are just prototypes. Besides the high price, there’s not much 4K content on TV at the moment.
AR's & VR's
We have seen also in CES 2015 Augmented reality and Virtual Reality were both amongst the big announcements on the event. It seems like these gadgets will make a break through in the gaming industry first before anywhere else.
3D Printing
Yes I may have selected 3D printing as the hottest trend from the CES2015 but it might not make a greater impact this year. It will take some time for 3D printing to really break into the market. On Cnet coverage of CES 2015 we saw a panel of 3 representatives from 3D companies taking different approaches in the 3D market. One of the representatives Danielle Applestone CEO of Other Machine CO mentioned that one of the challenges with 3D printing is that you will have to learn the needs of people who will use 3D printers and find a way in which 3D printing can automate the way they produce their products. Some of the people have never done anything with a computer machine before. Teaching this people will be a challenge.

All these technologies are currently trending and everybody wants to see them in action. We might not get to see them breaking in as we expected this year due to all the reasons I've mentioned above.

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